Tuotteet Valaisimet Riippuvalaisimet &Tradition BLOWN SW3 riippuvalaisin hopea


&Tradition BLOWN SW3 riippuvalaisin hopea

Tuotekoodi: 20630594

Blown SW3 on suupuhallettu riippuvalaisin, kirkas hopeakiilto lasi tikkikuviolla.

Design Samuel Wilkinson.


Halkaisija 28 cm x korkeus 28 cm

Valonlähde: E27 Max 100W tai 7-9W LED

4 m musta tekstiilijohto


"The pendant was conceived as an exploration of the reflections, distortions, and refractions of a light source when surrounded by patterned glass. Wilkinson looked into a wide range of inspirations when developing Blown: antique ceramics, old glass pieces, lenses from very old lamps, lighthouses, even a mirrored bottle, just to see the way the light comes off it. He sought inspiration in seeds and berries - particularly raspberries - for the quilted texture of the glass. Blown makes a statement as a standalone item, but works equally as well in clusters or in succession. The translucent glass transforms the space it inhabits with the intricate textures and patterning."

Tilaustuote, toimitusaika 3-5 viikkoa.
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379,00 €

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